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Welcome To My Home Page! I'm Nicky Joya, husband to Sally, and father to three outstanding kids, Patrick, Paula and Pamela.

This website was created to update our friends about us and hopefully encourage them. Enjoy!

Nicky is an ordained Baptist minister. He has pastored churches for 16 years and is now involved in training others for pastoral ministry. He is the Executive Director of Evangelical Leadership Institute Asia which seeks to establish training centers in various locations to make theological training accessible to church leaders.
Nicky Joya is the Executive Director of the Evangelical Leadership Institute Asia


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My Family

Sally and I got married on March 7, 1992. Since then, God has blessed our relationship with three wonderful kids.

Patrick Stephen: My eldest son, young as he is, is a very spiritual-minded child. He reads his Bible daily and asks tough questions about his Christian faith.

Paula Beatrice: She is a blend of strength and grace. Paula is strong-willed who fights for what she wants. However, she is also thoughtful, caring and says sorry when she knows she had made a mistake.

Pamela Anna: She is fun-loving, likes Gospel music and dances to its beat.

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Happy Birthday Pamela! May 26

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